Driver Support

Quality of Service/ Customer Feedback

Mobility Vehicle Hire implements strict quality control on all of their supplied services. If you feel there is a need to give feedback on any aspect of our service, then please contact us on 0845 293 2799 or email and we will be more than happy to help. Your Feedback is important to us and we welcome it.

Mobility Vehicle Hire will respond to queries within 1 working day of receipt and resolve within a maximum of 5 working days.

In the event that a complaint cannot be resolved in a satisfactory manner, it will be forwarded in the first instance the Mobility Vehicle Hire Senior Operations Manager and further from that to the Board of Director’s for final resolution.

My Responsibilities

Your vehicle is on hire from Mobility Vehicle Hire Limited.

The agreement covers the following:

  • All servicing and maintenance
  • Replacement tyres, batteries and exhausts (excluding damage)
  • Breakdown and recovery

The contract does not cover the cost of:

  • Interior or exterior damage
  • Fuel and oil
  • Replacement or repair to windscreens and glass
  • Repairs carried out without prior authority from Mobility Vehicle Hire
  • Parking fines, Congestion Charges, any other fixed penalty notices or driving contraventions

The vehicle is your responsibility whilst it is in your custody and care; it needs to be treated as you would treat your own vehicle in regards to maintenance, parking fines and general care & safety. It needs to be maintained properly.

Therefore please:

  • Check the oil/ water/ battery & tyres on a weekly basis
  • Have it serviced at the correct intervals
  • Keep it clean
  • Park it wisely
  • Enjoy your vehicle and drive it Safely

If in doubt, please call us on 0845 293 2799 – We are here to Help!

Breakdown Recovery

All Mobility Vehicle Hire rental vehicles are provided with a full 24-hour breakdown assistance service in the UK. All rental vehicles contain 24-hour breakdown/ emergency numbers and instructions. If any vehicles are supplied without emergency numbers Mobility Vehicle Hire should be notified immediately (as this has safety implications).

In the event of a breakdown during normal office hours, the driver should call Mobility Vehicle Hire on 0845 293 2799.

Should the Breakdown occur outside of office hours, Out of Hours arrangements have been made with the RAC to provide a UK Nationwide breakdown service via the following process:


Tel: 0800 616 300
Fleet Membership No: 101567449999

The Hirer will be required to provide the following information:

  • Details of the Vehicle Make, Model and registration number
  • Driver Name
  • A description of the problem
  • Driver location and contact telephone number
  • Please ensure that the RAC are informed of any occupant disabilities so that they can assess and prioritise as necessary

Mobility Vehicle Hire, in partnership with the RAC aim to have you attended to within 60 minutes of your call.

How to deal with Breakdown Safely

  • Switch on hazard warning lights
  • Try to get the vehicle safely off the road
  • If possible leave busy roads by the first exit
  • If the vehicle is not situated safely, exit the vehicle, as a precaution against being struck by another vehicle
  • If you have a warning triangle, place at least 100 meters behind the vehicle to warn approaching traffic
  • Find the nearest telephone & call either us on 0845 293 2799 or RAC on 0800 616 300 (Fleet Membership No: 101567449999)
  • Leave any animals in the vehicle
  • If possible lock all the doors except for the driver’s door
  • Patrols cannot work on unattended vehicles so please return to where the vehicle is located when required
  • If you get going before the recovery agent arrives please ring them & let them know
  • If a garage vehicle arrives rather than an RAC liveried van, only accept help if the mechanic has the details you provided to the RAC. Always ask for identification.

Vehicle Servicing, Maintenance Repair & Tyres

When the vehicle requires Servicing, Maintenance and/ or repair, Mobility Vehicle Hire have arrangements with Nationwide Auto Centres (Account Number 2726).

The Customer must call Mobility Vehicle Hire on 0845 293 2799 with their registration number and details of what work is required. Mobility Vehicle Hire will direct the driver as to which Nationwide Outlet to take the vehicle. In some cases Mobility Vehicle Hire may arrange to give The Customer a suitable replacement vehicle.

All payments will be dealt with between Mobility Vehicle Hire and the repairing garage.

The contract allows for replacement of tyres, batteries, and exhausts provided replacement is due to fair wear and tear, and not misuse, damage, or neglect. Tyre blowouts are not covered.

In the event that a tyre needs replacing for reasons other than fair wear and tear a proportional charge will be applied on this basis:

Tread Depth

  • 7mm plus remaining 100% of cost
  • 6 to 7mm remaining 75% of cost
  • 5 to 6mm remaining 50% of cost
  • 4 to 5mm remaining 25% of cost
  • less than 4mm remaining No re-charge

On arrival at the Nationwide Auto Centres, The Customer must communicate that the vehicle is a Mobility Vehicle Hire vehicle (Account Number 2726) and Nationwide will then obtain the necessary authority before commencing with the required work.

Vehicles returned to Mobility Vehicle Hire which have not been maintained in-line with Manufacturer Servicing and Maintenance Guidelines may be subject to penalty charges. Rental charges will remain on-going until all required work has been completed.

Vehicles returned to Mobility Vehicle Hire with damaged windscreens, glass and/ or tyres will be repaired or replaced and the cost recharged to The Customer.

Accident/ Vehicle Damage

Mobility Vehicle Hire shall ensure that a Vehicle Condition Report is provided with the rental documentation. The Vehicle Condition Report will outline damage on the vehicle. It is the responsibility of The Customer to check the vehicle for damage (at the start and end of the rental) and agree to what is outlined on the Vehicle Condition Report and sign to that fact.

If The Customer notices damage on the hire vehicle when it is delivered, the damage must be noted on the rental documentation. If this is not done, The Customer may be billed for the damage. The Customer will be notified within 2 working days following vehicle collection of any alleged damages.

The Customer has then has 2 days to query any off hire damage. Any damage not queried within 2 days will be authorised for repair by Mobility Vehicle Hire and recharged back to The Customer. Please note, replacement tyres and windscreens are automatically recharged.

In the event of the vehicle receiving minor damage as the result of an accident or whilst it has been parked, (where the Customer has organised their OWN insurance), The Customer must contact their insurance company to obtain a claim number as soon as possible after the incident.

The Customer must then notify Mobility Vehicle Hire on 0845 293 2799 with the claim number information and details of the incident. This must not be left until the end of the hire as Mobility Vehicle Hire may be contacted by the police for details of incidents that have occurred. If Mobility Vehicle Hire have these details in advance, incidents can dealt with more effectively and efficiently for all parties involved.

If the damage is very minor (under The Customer insurance excess), The Customer may wish to pay for this directly by calling Mobility Vehicle Hire to inform us of the damage. When Mobility Vehicle Hire collect the vehicle, the damage must be highlighted to the Mobility Vehicle Hire collection driver to ensure Mobility Vehicle Hire can record the damage The Customer is responsible for.

When the vehicle is returned to Mobility Vehicle Hire we will then provide The Customer with an estimate of the repair at which point The Customer can still choose to inform their insurance company if the cost is more than anticipated.

In the event of an accident, (where the Customer has organised their OWN insurance), The Customer must contact their own insurance company to obtain a claim number as soon as possible after the incident. The Customer must then notify Mobility Vehicle Hire on 0845 293 2799 with the claim number information and details of the accident.

If the incident occurs Out-of-Hours and the vehicle is undriveable, (where the Customer has organised their OWN insurance) The Customer must arrange for recovery via their own insurers. If Insurance has been taken via Mobility Vehicle Hire, The Customer must contact the Mobility Vehicle Hire Out-of-Hours Service Partners RAC on 0800 616 300 to arrange recovery.

The Customer is responsible for reporting any accident to the Police and to obtain an incident reference number and details of the officer concerned, e.g. name, rank and number etc.

Things to remember when I am at the Scene of an Accident?

  • Stay calm.
  • Obtain make and registration number(s) of other vehicle(s)
  • Obtain the Name and addresses of all parties involved and details of their insurers
  • Obtain Details of independent witnesses where possible
  • Note date, time, weather condition and precise location
  • Notify the police if any person is injured
  • If you have a mobile phone with a camera, take pictures of the damage and position of the vehicles


Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as when delivered. Shortages will be recharged at the current forecourt rate as published in the Fleet News plus £0.30 per litre administration charge with a minimum charge of 5 litres.

Fines & Fixed Penalty Notices

The Customer must ensure that the vehicle complies with and is driven in accordance with the road traffic act legislation.

If a fixed penalty notice is received, it is the responsibility of The Customer to pay it promptly, as legal owners of the vehicle Mobility Vehicle Hire will be notified if the fine remains unpaid. When Mobility Vehicle Hire are notified, Mobility Vehicle Hire will pay the fine immediately in order to minimise any additional penalty costs back to The Customer.

Mobility Vehicle Hire will then recharge The Customer the cost of the fine plus an additional administration fee (Costs confirmed at the time of booking and detailed in Customer Service Level Agreement/ Terms & Conditions).

Fines and Fixed Penalty Disputes must be undertaken after the Fine has been paid and direct with the issuing authority

Delivery & Collection Process

The Customer must be present to accept the vehicle when it is delivered so any damage may be noted before the rental commences. A vehicle check form will be made available for notifying any damage to the vehicle. The Customer must ensure that the person responsible for taking delivery inspects the vehicle before signing the vehicle check form and rental agreement.

All vehicles shall be delivered in a clean and roadworthy condition. The delivery driver will also provide the customer with full instructions on using the vehicle and associated adaptations including provision of maintenance, breakdown and accident processes.

On completion of the handover responsibility for the use of the vehicle will pass to The Customer.

Out of Hours and Bank Holiday Delivery and Collection Services are available upon request however advance notice is required. Please call 0845 293 2799 or email for further information.

Vehicle Off-Hire Notifications

Please call Mobility Vehicle Hire on 0845 293 2799 to off-hire your vehicle or email to arrange collection. Please note than Mobility Vehicle Hire has up to 2 working days to collect your vehicle for which time liability will remain with you.

The Customer must ensure they are present to validate the vehicle off hire check sheet and the point of collection.

Where a vehicle cannot be collected within the times specified as a result of the vehicle or keys being unavailable, The Customer will be responsible for abortive collection charges and all rental charges until the vehicle can be collected (Costs confirmed at the time of booking and detailed in Customer Service Level Agreement/ Terms & Conditions).


Conditions of Mobility Vehicle Hire Insurance Provision



£750 Accidental Damage Fire, Theft and Windscreen Excess

Collision Damage Waiver quotations are available upon request

Including cover for Theft by Hirer and/or Conversion.

Excluding Theft of any motor vehicle which has had the ignition keys left in or on it.

Excluding Airside Use

Excluding Terrorism


Social, Domestic, Pleasure and use by Hirer in Connection with his/her Business

Excluding Commercial Travelling

Excluding Carriage of Goods and/or Passengers for Hire & Reward


  • Provisional Licence Holders
  • Drivers who have held a licence for less than 12 months
  • Drivers who have held a licence issued outside Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands for less than 2 years
  • Drivers aged 20 or under
  • Drivers aged 24 or under when the vehicle being hired has a seating capacity of 9 or more
  • Drivers aged 76 or over
  • Amusement Caterers
  • Directors and Producers (film, stage, radio or television)
  • Full time actors and actresses (film, stage, radio or television)
  • Fairground Showman and Circus employees
  • Itinerant traders and workers
  • Models
  • Pop Musicians
  • Members of the entertainment profession
  • Professional sportspersons and/or sports personalities
  • Accidents – drivers involved in more than 3 accidents in the last 3 years
  • Thefts – drivers with more than 2 theft claims in the last 3 years
  • Motoring Convictions – drivers with the following convictions on their licences in the last 5 years : UT10, UT20, UT30, UT40, UT50, CD40, CD50,CD60, CD70, DD30, DD40, DD60, DD70, DD80, DR10, DR20, DR30, DR40, DR50, DR60, DR70, DR80, DR90
  • Disqualifications – drivers who have been disqualified for a period exceeding 6 months in the last 3 years and drivers who have been disqualified for a period exceeding 3 months during the past year

The law requires that most disabilities and medical conditions are notified to the DVLA. Where the DVLA have been advised and the driver has been issued with a driving licence only then will insurance cover be valid.

Any passenger carrying vehicle with 9 or more seats used for hire or reward will be classed as a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) and any hirer who operates these vehicles and charges for public transport will normally be regarded as a PSV operator and will require a PSV Operators Licence (PSVO Licence). Any driver will require a PSV or PCV driving licence.

Failure to hold the correct licence will invalidate the Insurance cover.

Excess Mileage

As standard, vehicles provided by Mobility Vehicle Hire have a daily mileage limit of 100 miles per day. At the point of off-hire, where the overall average daily mileage is in excess of 100 miles an 8 pence per mile surcharge will apply.

Unlimited Excess Mileage Packages are available on request at the time of booking. Please call 0845 293 2799 or email for further information.

(Costs are confirmed at the time of booking and detailed in your Customer Service Level Agreement/ Terms & Conditions).

Taking your Vehicle Abroad

If The Customer wishes to take the vehicle abroad they must call Mobility Vehicle Hire on 0845 293 2799 to obtain authorisation. Mobility Vehicle Hire will issue the relevant documentation which will include a “Hire Vehicle Certificate” which is a mandatory requirement when taking a vehicle overseas.

The Customer will be required to organise European breakdown cover for the overseas duration and must arrange an adequate Breakdown and Recovery Package to include vehicle repatriation to England in the event of an accident or breakdown. The Customer can obtain this via either the AA or the RAC. Contact numbers are: RAC – 0800 550055. AA – 0800 551188.

NOTE: You are required to give Mobility Vehicle Hire a minimum of 7 working days notice prior to taking your vehicle overseas.

Smoking Policy

Mobility Vehicle Hire vehicles are designated smoke free at all times. Smoking is not permitted by any driver or passenger at anytime.

Invoicing/ Payment Terms

The Customer will be required to pay in full for the duration of the hire prior to delivery.

A deposit will be required from the customer and credit or charge card details will be recorded.

The deposit will be refunded at the end of the hire period subject to the vehicle being returned in the same condition as when delivered in line with the Vehicle Condition Report and other terms and conditions referred to within the Service Level Agreement and Terms & Conditions documentation (Supplied at the point of Booking).

Mobility Vehicle Hire Hours of Business

Mobility Vehicle Hire Office Hours

  • Monday8.00am – 6.00pm
  • Tuesday8.00am – 6.00pm
  • Wednesday8.00am – 6.00pm
  • Thursday8.00am – 6.00pm
  • Friday8.00am – 6.00pm
  • Saturday9:00am – 12:00pm
  • SundayClosed

Note: All Mobility Hire Vehicles come complete as standard with full UK 24-hour Breakdown & Accident assistance with an onward travel support service. Out of Hours and Bank Holiday Delivery and Collection Services are available upon request however advance notice is required. Please call 0845 293 2799 or email for further information.